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Business Condition
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MJL “Hats”

MJL Resolution
Temporary Financial Leadership due to loss of personnel or dept. improvement CFO, Controller, HR Director Provision for Interim CFO, Controller and/or HR Director
Cost overruns, wasteful practices, IT inefficiencies. Management Consultant Perform a specific Operations or IC Review and produce a Needs Analysis to identify problem area(s) and recommend cost saving solutions.
Inadequate Financial information produced for Mgmt, Board, Banks, Investors, and Vendors. CFO, Controller, Management Consultant Streamline, and/or increase, GAAP Financial statement relevancy in conjunction with Projections, or Budgets to comply with Mgmt Needs
Obtain or establish Banking or Investment Banking relationship to secure credit, financing or funding. CFO, Controller Provide appropriate guidance and financial information for presentation for most favorable outcome.
Prepare your company for sale or identify acquisition targets. CFO, Management Consultant Develop business plan, prepare due diligence, prepare valuation analysis, provide liaison to Accts/Lawyers/IB’s
Sensitive HR issues not managed appropriately and benefits’ cost overruns addressed. Property/Casualty and Liability concerns CFO, HR Director, Controller All Benefit and P/C Insurance research, implementation with savings analysis. Co. Policy written, if required.