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To our embattled business
decision makers,

During your week, hectic as it most likely is, how much
“quality time” do you or your executive team have to:

          There are likely more business requirements to list, but I think you get the message.

 “Quality time” is a vivid and accurate phrase describing a fleeting interval of time where important decisions are made.  Because I have seen first hand the constraints placed on ownership and executive decision makers I do not underestimate the importance of that window of opportunity to execute sound business judgment. Moreover, each decision is connected and the health and welfare of your company lies in the balance.  By engaging the experienced and highly focused MJL Resources, outsourced CFO, you will enable those decisions you and your team make to be the right ones

And finally, what is the cost of an inadequate or hastily delivered decision as compared to the cost of a decision that contained all the requisite business experience and acumen?

I promise to engage thoroughly and quickly, identify need, recommend and deliver only the required solution(s), disengage but leave a legacy of value with your company.  You will control the engagement’s scope, time and ultimately have a positive impact on the result.  And that is the best definition of outsourced.

Result: Premium Service, Low Cost (see fees section) yielding increased company value.

I trust that we have connected with your specific business concern.  In addition, the services section of the web site will help you uncover and identify your company business needs. Good luck and give us a call with your questions.  Thank you.